TrouserPress.co.uk is dedicated to helping all of our customers. Any information that your require should be able to be found here in our FAQ section.




Some presses have different time settings. Are these different temperature settings?

No. The temperature level is the same, the press simply cuts off at the chosen time setting. The lower time settings are useful for a quick 'freshen up' but most people use the longest time setting and in fact leave their trousers in the press until the next morning.

How hot do the presses get?


Around 60 degrees Centigrade/140 Fahrenheit. This is the same for all models.

How tall is the pressing height?

31.9 inches (810mm). This is the same for all models.

Is it necessary to dampen the material?


Can any fabric be pressed?

The Corby press is safe to use on any fabric which you would normally iron, however, you should check the garment for any special instructions.

How should the press be cleaned?

The inside of the front panel may be wiped with a cloth slightly damp with water. No polish or cleaner should be user on the heating pad.

I already have a freestanding model - Can it be converted to be wallmounted?

The Corby 3300, 4400 and 7700 models can be converted. You may order the necessary screws and wall plugs directly from us. These will be supplied with instructions for a small fee.

I want to buy a wallmounted trouser press. Is it simple to fit?

Yes. Very simple. All the fixings are supplied when you order wallmounted models together with instructions.

Can I purchase a trouser press that slides out of sight when not in use?

Corby offer the 3300, 4400 and 7700 with 'factory fitted ' space saver attachments.

What is the weight of the trouser press?

Dimensions, Weight and Pack Size vary, please refer to the technical details on the product listing and/or instructions provided. 

What is the wattage?

All models are 250 watts.




Can I place my order by telephone?

Yes, however, for security purposes we advise that payment must be made by the person named as the card holder. Furthermore, delivery can only be made to the billing address. Under no circumstances can your telephone order being delivered to an alternative address. Should you decide to place your order via telephone you will receive an order acknowledgment.

Can I have my order delivered to an alternative address?
Yes, but you must place your order through our secure website. Once your order has been placed online you will receive an email with an order acknowledgment.

What if I change my mind after I have made my purchase?

Don't worry. We accept cancellations without any quibble prior dispatch and we also offer a free 14-day no quibble returns policy after dispatch.

What happens if I change my mind after delivery?

We would process your request for a return and arrange for a carrier to collect your unwanted trouserpress. Once your press has been returned, this would be processed by our returns team and your refund will then be processed after your return has been booked back in.




Next Day Carrier service:

What time will the courier contact me deliver my purchase?
Our carriers will notify you by email/text on the morning of delivery to notify you that your order is out for delivery. Please refer to our "Delivery" section regarding delivery times.

What happens if I cannot be at home to accept my delivery?

The courier will leave a card to say they attempted to deliver your product. This card will provide details about the local depot and contact details including your reference number. This will enable you to arrange a more convenient delivery with the courier. However our couriers usually attempt the following day.

Showroom Collection:

Can I collect my order from the showroom?

We would be happy for you to collect your purchase from our office in Huddersfield. However, we would suggest that you contact us at least two hours in advance to pre-arrange collection in order to give our warehouse team the opportunity to process your order and ensure it is ready for collection. Please note that collections can only be made until 5pm Monday to Friday and until 4.30pm on Saturdays. If the collection is not pre-arranged there may be a wait of approximately 30 minutes before your items can be loaded into your vehicle.

What happens if I purchase from a showroom and want to take it home with me?

We can only provide this service from our Huddersfield showroom at the moment. Our sales advisors will make the necessary arrangements to enable you to pay and collect your product. You will be asked to thoroughly check and inspect your product before taking it home.





Are the products guaranteed?

Yes, all our products carry a 3 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Do you have someone I can contact if I have any problems with my purchase?

Yes, you can contact our Customer Support team on +44 (0) 3300 882 063 to ask for advice about your product. Our office opening times are 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday, however our support team are closed on weekends.