Fired Up Group Environmental Policy
Recycling Electrical Products
Why should we recycle waste electrical goods?
Many of the electrical items we discard can be repaired or recycled
How can I recycle my old electrical fire?
How will I know whether the new products I buy can be recycled? 
What will happen to my old fire or heater?
What else as a company are we doing to make a positive impact on our environment?
What if you want to recycle it yourself?

Fired Up Group Environmental Policy
Fired Up Group is committed to continually improving our environmental performance. We acknowledge the impact that our activities have on the environment for both current and future generations. Our Environmental Policy builds on our corporate culture of waste avoidance by improving understanding of these impacts throughout our people to facilitate the continual improvement of our environmental performance.  To support this we shall:
  • Meet and where possible exceed compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and directives.
  • Seek and implement opportunities to reduce consumption and maximize efficiency of energy and water.
  • Continually improve our system to reduce pollution.
  • Employ a strategy of “Avoid → Reduce → Reuse→ Recycle→ Dispose” in the manufacturing process to reduce our material waste impact. 
  • Implement and maintain engagement and education of our people to entrench environmental responsibility throughout our operations. 
  • Encourage sustainable development through business example and voluntary endeavours both in China and the UK.
We will communicate our environmental policy to employees, customers and other key stakeholders. The documentation is accessible in all factories and office spaces as well as Fired up website and Internal Intranet.
In order to ensure we continually improve our environmental performance this document will be subject to annual review.

Recycling Electrical Products

On  1 July 2007, new Government regulations: The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations came into force aimed at encouraging people to arrange collection of their old electrical  products for recycling rather than just throwing them away. If you are buying a new electrical product from ourselves you may find you have an old one that needs recycling. This document explains how we can help you if this is the case.

Why should we recycle waste electrical goods?

Recycling unwanted electrical products is undoubtedly better for the environment. The amount of electrical waste arising from discarded electrical products is increasing by about 5% each year. Currently more than 75% of our electrical waste ends up in landfill sites where lead, zinc, PCB's and other toxins contained in our discarded electrical items can cause soil and water contamination.  This can have a seriously harmful effect on the natural environment, wildlife and potentially human health. When landfill sites are near to heavily populated areas, the potential for harm to whole communities cannot be ignored, as water and soil become polluted.

Many of the electrical items we discard can be repaired or recycled. 

Recycling items helps us to save natural resources and also reduces the environmental and health risks associated with placing electrical goods in landfill.

How can I recycle my old electrical fire?

As a company we are now offering a free "take back" scheme to make it easier for you to be able to recycle your old Corby Trouser Press.  You also need not have purchased your original Trouser Press from us. You may return your old Trouser Press to us for recycling by sending it, within 28 days of purchase of your new item, to:

Fired Up Corporation Ltd
Fired Up Buildings
St Thomas’ Road

How will I know whether the new products I buy can be recycled?

You might have noticed some new products you have purchased have a "crossed out wheelie bin" logo on the product itself and on the packaging. This logo helps you identify those products that are recyclable.

What will happen to my old Trouser Press?

The products will be sent to a local recycling facility where around 85% of the materials will be recycled.  Many electrical products contain a small proportion of non-recyclable materials.  Whatever the product, every effort is made to recycle as much of its content as possible and we aim to increase our recycling rate year on year.  We will also work with local organisations in order to reduce the distance our old electrical products have to travel.

How long does it take from us receiving the old item to it being back on a shelf as something new?

In order to minimise the impact of vehicle emissions once we receive it back into our warehouse, your old product will be stored until we have sufficient quantity to justify a delivery to our recycling partner. Having arrived at the recycling facility it can take a further 24 hours before every possible component has been broken down into recyclable parts.  After that there are many factors that determine how long it will be before being made into new products - perhaps as long as 3 months.  Supply and demand being the main determinant.

What else as a company are we doing to make a positive impact on our environment?

We are helping our environment by:

  • Recycling all our packing waste to prevent this going to landfill
  • Installing water saving devices into our staff facilities thereby saving a litre of water at each flush
  • Conducting environmental audits across all our premises and have put in place action plans to address any issues identified
  • Carrying out a carbon footprint assessment and as a result introduced efficiencies in our operations to reduce our carbon impact

What if you want to recycle it yourself?

Alternatively you can take your product and packaging to your local council waste site - this will probably be your local "tip" that has now been upgraded to provide this recycling facility. If you are unsure of the location for your local DCF visit: http://www.recyclenow.com and enter your postcode, you will then be directed to your nearest facility.  Further information can also be found here.

Additional information to help you define whether your new or old Trouser Press can be recycled is available here from Comply Direct's Recycling Room.